Filter Media System (Rental)

“All life depends on water, thus water quality is very important to everyone.” Water is one of the most important things in life. People use water cleaning, swimming in and most importantly, to drink. Starfish Bali Water Purification and Recycling has solutions to produce hygienic, high quality water. Each system is designed to remove bacteria and other contaminants which may be causing unwanted odour, colour and water hardness (lime scale residue). Our home/villa system comprise 3 filters ( silica sand filter, water softener filter and water activated carbon filter) plus 1 UV sterilizer. If you are interested we have various options available to obtain our equipment. You can buy, rent or rent to buy each of our systems.

Our rental option is designed for a house hold or company that just needs a water treatment system for a short period of time of between (1-3 years). Short to medium term work contracts or limited budgets are often instances where people turn to rental equipment as a quick remedy. Over time, the rented vessels can be purchased or upgraded as a permanent drinking water purification solution. Our rental system options include free maintenance and service every 3 months to ensure optimal equipment performance.

  • Rental Water Filtration System 844 series ( up to 2cubic meters per day ) –  starting from Rp 13.000.000

We also offer a rent to buy option. Outlined below are the timeframes and purchase amounts below;

After 24 months – buy outright (optional) = Rp 22.822.000

After 36 months – buy outright (optional) = Rp 20.033.000

After 48 months – buy outright (optional) = Rp 16.604.550


Use of Starfish technology will offer long term cost benefits. For less than a dollar per day (calculated on a ten year investment), you will have the peace of mind knowing that drinking quality water is available from every tap in the house, disposing of the need to purchase expensive bottled water.